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Communism failed, now capitalism has failed, whatever is next will succeed for everyone, if we are willing to learn from the past and present.

Don’t you agree that:
1) We need to address the situation where a handful of privately owned tech giants control the world, and how we interact with each other?
2) We need to replace so called “democracies” with real democratic systems, so that all citizens have a lot more say than just choosing one of two dictators every 4 or 5 years, and in some cases one of one.
3) We need to pay all of our low paid workers a basic dignity wage, so that they are in a position to educate their kids from a stable home environment.

If you happen to agree with all of the above, Hogo Global has come up with very simple solutions to all of these problems that won’t negatively affect anyone, except the super rich.  Hogo Global is completely supportive of a positive business and entrepreneurial environment, but corporate and personal wealth needs to be capped or limited. You don’t need a university degree to understand that when 1% of the population own half of the world’s wealth, that capitalism has gone even further wrong than communism did.

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21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Professor Yuval Noah Harari

I was researching different topics on the internet, and I came across a video on YouTube of Yuval Noah Harari in discussion with Mark Zuckerberg:

In this video, one of the things that struck me was that I would say that Zuckerberg was talking what seemed like 80% of the time, and the guy with something valuable to say, was very patient in this situation.

Let me explain who Yuval is in my opinion in one sentence, for those of you who have never heard of him. He is a professor of history, who studies the past from a philosophical, psychological and economics point of view, puts it all together, and figures out where we are at now as a human race, and where we are likely to go from here in the future. His insights are global and fascinating.

I went on to look for more videos of Yuval where he had more than 20% of the talk time, and found plenty. Then I went and bought one of his audio books online and listened to it on a 12 hour drive. Here is another video of Yuval at Google:

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The idea that if we better look after the 80% underprivileged in this world, it will cost the remaining 20% financially, is BS

Stop and think about this for a minute. If the other 80% of the world had the opportunity of a decent 3rd level education, they would come up with solutions to many problems that the 20% can’t. We have all heard the expression “the more heads, the better”. We could produce x more billions of tonnes of food, if you just think of vertical farms, like high-rise car parks perhaps. We could produce millions more doctors from this 80%, and we need them. We could find much better ways of producing cars, or maybe even finding alternatives to them, if we had an extra 80% brain power. We would also have an 80% bigger market for our existing companies.

Is Lewis Hamilton the Formula One World Champion? Is Tiger Woods one of the best golfers in the world over the last 20 years? Despite the fact that both are obviously extremely talented, we don’t know, because they have only competed with far less than 20% of the global population.

Are 20% of the world’s developed countries keeping the other 80% down, just to protect themselves? And is it having the opposite intended effect by simply holding us all back?

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