Communism failed, now capitalism has failed, whatever is next will succeed for everyone, if we are willing to learn from the past and present.

Don’t you agree that:

1/ We need to address the situation where a handful of privately owned tech giants control the world, and how we interact or otherwise with each other?

2/ We need to replace so called “democracies” with real democratic systems, so that all citizens have a lot more say than just choosing one of two dictators, every 4 or 5 years, and in some cases one of one.

3/ We need to pay all of our low paid workers a basic dignity wage, so that they are in a position to educate their kids from a stable home environment.

If you happen to agree with all of the above, Hogo Global has come up with very simple solutions to all of these problems, that won’t negatively affect anyone, except the super rich.(SM.To find out more go to this link)

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